We are an association of north German companies who have worked as pioneers on the energy turnaround for at least 30 years. As a member of the Arge Netz-Group, the biggest provider of renewable energy in Germany, we are excellently established within the politics and economy. We believe in strong partnerships and by this means, we created a bold vision for an independent and sustainable energy supply in Africa. Our experienced know-how is available to stabilize the use of renewable energies in African states and build a local value-added chain.

Our experience in the implementation of renewable energy projects dates back into the year 1988.

Our current portfolio compromises:

  • More than 20 sub stations
  • Abt. 1,300 MW rated power from renewable energies from wind, PV or Biogas.
  • Abt. 250 km medium voltage power grid (20 kV cable)
  • Abt. 30 km high voltage power grid (110 kV cable)
  • Large area installation of glass-fibre grids (30,000 domestic homes and 2,000 EE-facilities)
  • Virtual power station (integration of 4,000 MW installed renewable energy power)